What's Happening

Don’t miss out on the fun! Our volunteer-driven events will teach you more about our local native plants and spaces while you make connections with nature and others.

The Pesticide Dilemma

At this month’s ECO Talk, experts will discuss the risks of pesticides to human health, some alternatives to pesticides along with regulations that exist. Join us for this virtual lecture.

Have Fun Growing Vegetables!

The REC of Grapevine 1175 Municipal Way, Grapevine, TX

Have you wanted to plant a vegetable garden, but didn’t know where to start? This free ECO Talk will teach you the types of plants to choose from, soil preparation, and supplies needed. You’ll be ready to plant this Spring! Join us for our live lecture. https://form.jotform.com/213203816420140form/213203816420140

Native Texas Plants

The REC of Grapevine 1175 Municipal Way, Grapevine, TX

Planting native is a cost-effective, way to reduce pesticide and water use and provide shelter and food for wildlife. Joyce Connelley from Marshall Grain will address which plants thrive in North Texas soil and how to care for them.


The REC of Grapevine 1175 Municipal Way, Grapevine, TX

If you are looking for ways to reduce the amount of food and yard waste your home generates, come to this ECO Talk. Composting is an easy and natural way to add nutrients to your garden  beds while helping improve the environment. We will learn the benefits and basics of  composting and how to maintain … Continue reading Composting