“For many years, KGVB has kept the shores of Lake Grapevine clean and clear of debris and trash.  Several years ago, we had major flooding in Grapevine.  As the waters began to recede, there was much work to do to clean up the shores -- it was KGVB who stepped up to help.  ”

- January 2017 -

Darlene Freed, Mayor pro Tem


BeautificationOur beautification efforts can be seen throughout the city: streets, parks, shoreline, public facilities, schools, homes and businesses. By clearing overgrown brush and weeds; planting trees, flowers and shrubs; repainting fences, piperail and buildings; and other refurbishment work, KGVB volunteers have contributed greatly to the betterment of the city. 

KGVB beautification projects have taken place throughout the city:

  • Torian Cabin
  • Senior Housing Development
  • Bear Creek Disc Golf Course
  • Fire Station #1 and #2
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Nash Farm
  • ALL Grapevine Lake Parks
  • Grapevine Cemetery

KGVB welcomes community participation, and also likes to recognize individual beautification efforts, which is why it established the 'Best Landscape Awards' program. Each month, citizens are invited to nominate a residence, neighborhood, or business in Grapevine for the most beautiful property in town. Each nomination is evaluated by a member of the KGVB Beautification Committee and the top scoring properties are recognized for their beautification efforts. Evaluation criteria includes overall curb appeal, landscaping design, decorative accents, and environmentally-friendly activities. The top scoring property receives recognition and awards from KGVB. 

The development of a Mobile Beautification Trailer has also made a major impact. Now tools, supplies and a utility vehicle is housed in a 8 x 20 enclosed trailer and driven to sites needing beautification.  Teams of up to 400 can now simultaneously work at a chosen site on a variety of tasks. 

Keeping a community clean and green has many benefits, including higher revenue, increased property values, improved health and greater safety. We at KGVB invite you to get involved in your community by becoming a KGVB Volunteer or Sponsor.

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